Basic overview of two-color model embryos
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Two-color double material refers to two kinds of plastic materials in two colors. Plastic materials are usually divided into hard rubber and hard rubber coated soft rubber and hard rubber. (hard rubber commonly used ABS PC PP PVC.. soft plastic commonly used TPU TPE TPR); molded products have the appearance of texture anti-collision and other functions.

The two-color mold is a special mold that can be produced from two or more combinations to produce two kinds of plastic materials. The two-color molding machine is divided into two types: horizontal and vertical. The two or more molds are loaded by the machine and rotated 180 degrees twice. The two-color injection molding machine is similar to the traditional monochrome injection molding machine, except that it has two molding nozzles and different molding action mechanisms.

1: frame model:

a: Remove all clamping screws before the frame mold

b: Firstly, the full-mode and reverse-operation side shall not be adjusted to the high voltage, otherwise the movable template may damage the machine due to uneven force.


c: Lock the screws after loading all the clamping screws by hand.

d: the male mold is rotated 180 degrees after the mold is opened;

e: loading the second master mold to the public model based on one time;

f: Finally, the second public mold is loaded with the second master model as a reference;

g: After the two sets of mold frames are OK;

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