Where is the fine nozzle mold?
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Industrial molds are divided into large nozzles, simplified/small nozzles, sluices, simplified sluices, and a variety of classifications of flower patterns. Many people are unclear about where the molds of the sluice are applied. Let's analyze it.

Use the fine nozzle mold to see three points

1. The shape of the object mold is more complicated, and the edge of the mold is difficult to enter the rubber product. At this time, it is necessary to use a fine nozzle to mold the embryo.

2, some gates can not be placed at the edge of the product, can not be directly in the middle of the product.

3, some are particularly large, a product that can not meet the injection molding requirements. At this time, you have to change the water.

Also understand that the difference between the big nozzle and the sluice should be good for the choice. The difference between the Dashui mold and the thin nozzle mold:

1, they differ from the form of the glue inlet: one is directly into the glue from the product, usually called the fine nozzle mold; one is from the side into the glue, the gate is relatively large, usually called the big nozzle mold (but sometimes It is thought that the product needs to be glued into a large nozzle to enter the glue, and the structure is also a three-plate mold)

2, from the mold structure to distinguish: the two-plate mold is usually called the big nozzle mold, the three-plate mold is called the fine nozzle mold; the fine nozzle mold is divided into two types: simplified water nozzle mold and fine water nozzle mold;

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