Founded in 2005, Dongguan Taigang Mould Co., Ltd. has become a large-scale modern enterprise integrating R&D, design and manufacturing after years of steady development, and has gradually become the largest mold processing and manufacturing in South China. group. The company headquarters has plastic mold factory, metal mold factory, mold steel business department (quality plastic, hardware, die-casting mold steel), mold embryo production plant, focusing on mold (plastic and hardware), molding, painting, mold and steel Five main business Business. Based on the advanced processing concept, the Taigang mold base is equipped with advanced production equipment and a technically skilled processing team. The mold base is mainly used to produce large non-standard mold bases, providing various plastic mold bases, cold die holders, and high-precision molds. Parts, machining, metal, plate and accessories are all produced, and can be processed according to customer model drawings to meet customer needs. ....【Learn more】




  • Address: No. 2, Yutian North Road, Shu'an Industrial Zone, Shutian Community, Humen Town, Dongguan City

  • E-mail:sales@taigangmould.com

  • Phone:0769-85712710-8001

  • Mobile phone:18666439572 Miss He

  • Web:www.taigangmould.com


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